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Taxation in Denmark: Tax rates and tax limits 2010.

The following tax rates apply in 2010

Income Tax in Denmark 2010
Personal relief (over 18 yrs.)
DKK 42,900
Employment relief
4.25 %, maximum DKK 13,600
Average county and municipal tax
32.577 %
Bottom-bracket tax
3.76 %
Middle-bracket tax
0 %
Bottom limit for middle-bracket tax
DKK 272,600
Top-bracket tax
15.0 %
Bottom limit for top-bracket tax
DKK 389,900
Tax ceiling
51.5 %
Social Tax in Denmark
Labour market  contribution
8.0 %
Special pension saving
0.0 %
Property Tax in Denmark
Graduated limit for property value tax
DKK 3,040,000
Property value tax (up to graduated limit)
1.0 %
Property value tax (above graduated limit)
3.0 %
Capital Gains Tax in Denmark
Share income below DKK 48,300
Share income aove DKK 48,300
42.0 %
Inheritance Tax in Denmark
Upper limit for tax-free inheritance
DKK 264,100
Tax rate above limit
15.0 % / 36.25 %
Gift Tax in Denmark
Upper limit for tax-free gifts to close relatives
DKK 58,700
Upper limit for tax-free gifts to sons- and daughters-in-law
DKK 20,500
Tax rate above limits
15.0 % / 36.25 %

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